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Teaching is for me!

I had a few of the same fear as my fellow student here blogs as I also attended my first school based prac due to credits.


Going into Prac, I was very apprehensive about whether I would like being in the school system. This was my first school based Prac, as I received credits for my previous qualifications. The first few days I was really worried that I had gotten myself into something wasn’t for me. However, as I got to know the students and my mentor teacher, I began thinking “I can do this!”. Once I started actually teaching lessons and getting positive feedback from my mentor, I decided that I have made the right decision to study teaching. I think that I am feeling much like Mareecon does in her blog. One the last day of my Prac, I actually became a bit teary at leaving. I do credit my having such a great time to having an excellent mentor and teacher aide, a great bunch of kids, and a small school environment.

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Finished All The Learning Paths!

Hi everyone!

I have finally finished all of the learning paths for this subject! Hooray! Now I just have to complete Assignment 3 and then I ill be officially finished Uni for semester 1! Happy Dance!

I have a heavier load next semester ith four subjects instead of three but hopefully I ill be able to keep up with all the course work. I think I might keep this blog going if I find interesting things that I would like to document.

I’m glad to be back at work and earning money again!

Bye for now!


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Thank goodness for the Queen!

Here is a post from my good friend and fellow colleague. I feel her pain!

The blog of Rebel Bright - Mother, wife, dinosaur & student!

queen liz

Hi again,

Well, after 3 very busy weeks of prac, I know quite a few fellow students who are very grateful for today’s Queen’s Birthday public holiday in Australia, as it gives us all an extra day to get our assignments finished! It’s just one day I hear you say, BUT a lot can be accomplished in an extra day. People don’t have to rush quite so much to get their assignments complete, and have time to give them a proper read over and edit before submitting.

This holiday got me thinking about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Did you know that today isn’t her actual birthday? Her birthday was in fact on the 21st of April. I have always wondered why we celebrate it in June, when her birthday isn’t even in June!

I had a quick look on the internet for teaching resources associated with Queen Elizabeth, and…

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Done and dusted

Here is a post by a fellow student. I have the exact same mixed feelings about prac!

Miss Taylor and the Incredibly Clever Terminators

It’s all done and dusted – how time flies when you’re having fun! I’s sad to say goodbye, but glad in a way that it is over.  Haylea writes how she has had the hardest semester so far and I am in the same boat!  With three assignments to go though it certainly isn’t time to party just yet. However I can celebrate the conclusion of a very successful third last prac – and celebrate I did! Two corona’s and asleep before 8:00 pm just call me the life of the party, but I am so drained from prac
 “get used to it they say”
Anyway as a quick reflection more for my own sake.  I generally really dislike uni and sometimes I find myself wondering “did I make the right choice?” and I am happy to say I did. This prac I…

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Hi everyone!

As part of our course, e have had to engage in an online tool called Connect.ed. It involved learning about how young people (and ourselves) create an image of themselves online, cyber-bullying and various tools and resources to avoid online mishaps. I enjoyed using the virtual online “role-play” and watching various experts talk about cyber-bullying.

Its quite scary ho much children post about themselves online to strangers! And adults too! we really need to be aware of what we ourselves are posting online!

To find out more information about Connected, check out the link here:

Thanks 🙂


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Lesson Planning

This is a very interesting read from a fellow student also completing EDC3100.

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Prac! (Nearly Completed)

Hi everyone!

I should be finished prac by now, but due to some unforeseen circumstances (and a late night trip to the emergency room) I have to go back one final day (Tuesday). I have learnt so much  from my mentor. He is fantastic and has given me so many pointers.

I am going to miss my Year 1 class when I do finish on Tuesday. I have never met such a diverse group of children. They have been so encouraging and pretty well-behaved for me. At least there is another prac student returning on Tuesday as well. So we can hang out together! 🙂

Until next time!


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Online Presence….

Hi everyone!

I am just catching up on some learning paths and came across this interesting article regarding how you present yourself online :This is the link here: .  It talks about ho to keep your social media professional and other useful topics along those lines. You have to be careful what you post online, as a future employer may see your pictures or read your blogs. Do you ant them to be something you are proud of or something that you would be embarrassed to show a future employer?

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone took away something exciting from this link.

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First day of Prac tomorrow

Hi everyone!

I have been to my school and met my mentor on Friday the 15.5.15. I also met the class I ill be teaching and spent the morning with them, getting to know the students, marking papers etc. I ill be teaching a Year 1 class. My mentor is super experienced (17 years of teaching) & has had lots of prac students over the years. He is very helpful, having set me a timetable of what the children will be doing this week.

I am very nervous, as this is my first prac at a school, but also very excited. I love learning and can’t wait to see how I go tomorrow.

I am currently catching up on the learning paths that I have somehow forgotten to engage with. oops 🙂

wish me luck tomorrow!

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Almost finished Assignment 2

Yay! here we are. Assignment 2 is due Monday and I am almost complete 🙂 I was struggling a bit with how to teach Shapes to a grade 2 classroom, but hopefully the markers will appreciate my efforts. I am finally starting to get a grip on the whole ICT thing. 🙂 have accomplished alot today, so i am pretty proud of myself. Not to toot my own horn or anything 🙂

I’ve had a pretty full on personal week, so the fact that i have achieved anything is a miracle. 🙂 Now off to work, where hopefully the children will be behaved, but unlikely due to the rain!

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